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Domestic Construction Projects

ASQS offers builders, architects, engineers, contractors, and home owners a set of comprehensive Multi-level Options To Satisfy Any Budget

House design and construction requires the input of many professionals to ensure that your next home is delivered to the quality and standards required in todays building industry. The Quantity Surveyors are a key to ensuring that your endevour is delivered on time, to budget and to the quality expected. Broad scope of the projects we work on:

  • New Builds
  • Re-builds
  • Insurance claims, forming reports for claimants
  • Architectural builds
  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Build lifecycle & BIM Capability
  • Ongoing consultancy and related services

The most comprehensive multi-level QS Reporting options available
We can scale the work and the reports to the level that meets your budget. 

For builders, architects and engineers, the development of new, higher-level skills to deal with the conditions that are now being identified to varying degrees throughout New Zealand. 

ASQS Consultancy Services | Home design & construction

ASQS have those new higher level of skills that exceed the industry standard, bringing you results at a granular level. Our data rich detailing and multiple QS reports can ensure you get the best understanding of  the true cost of your build and most importantly sets the standard of quality expected of your contractors and suppliers. 

ASQS offer this full range of services that Quantity Surveying and Project Management can offer, our services can be extensive or as specific as required with your next build project, and most importantly tailored to your needs when you need it:

  • Initiation consultancy; to set the standard before you build
  • Planning consultancy; to ensure correct planning & documentation before you build
  • Execution consultancy; to monitor & control cost and quality of your build (with your Project Manager)
  • Closing; Final quality and standard reviews in the final product
  • QS detailed and granular quantities reports throughout the process
  • QS Extensive cost breakdowns
  • Extensive project lifecycle consultancy services

Home Owners | Insurance claim services

ASQS provide extensive upfront consulting services and advice before you begin your next build project. These include insurance claims, the information required before proceeding to formally submit your claim must be comprehensive, concise and accurate to ensure the success of the claim itself. As the quality of your build project is dependent on the budget, it is critical that your claims are assisted by our qualified professionals, and secure your expected outcome. 

ASQS Quantity Surveyors | Reporting

We can scale a report to the level that meets your budget. 
We have a great track record of carrying out projects for:

  • Architectural housing
  • Residential sub-divisions
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Community facilities
  • Earthquake repairs
  • House rebuilds

And because our unique reporting format can be offered in multi-level reporting options, the drill down into rich data can offer irrefutable evidence to support insurance claims. 

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