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Commercial Construction Projects


Commercial Projects require a lot of upfront investment to ensure their viability. We help guard your investment and provide surity of a completed outcome

Commercial construction requires the input of many professionals to ensure that your project is delivered to the price and time required in todays building industry. The Quantity Surveyors are a key to ensuring that your endevour is delivered on time, to budget and to the quality expected.

CURRENT CONDITIONS - commercial construction projects face two major risks;

  1. the risk of not starting -         The Project will not get beyond consent because the design and location could not match the required ecomomic outcomes
  2. the risk of not completing -    The Project ends up exceeding both time and budget requirements, an outcome which sours all professional relationships

To Avoid These Risks You Should Engage Our Services

Short List of Roles

This will include a QS performing all of, or parts of, or supporting roles in the following:

  • A estimator
  • A quantity surveyor
  • A cost engineer
  • A construction economist
  • A requisitions officer
  • A construction accountant
  • A contracts manager
  • A project manager
  • A construction valuer
  • A specification valuer
  • A chattels valuer
  • A disputes arbitrator
  • A professional witness
  • A tender manager
  • A technical advisor

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