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To maintain a good reputation and provide significant client outcomes is no easy task in todays construction industry. The risk of your design exceeding a clients budget has increased.

If you are an Architect you may be looking for a consulting firm to partner with to secure your bidwork. We would like to help you with your design cost decisions from the earliest stages. We can become a crucial part of your support and help you maintain key client relationships through succesful economic outcomes

Our involvement will help you minimise the rework of design elements from the the earliest feasability stages right through to completion

Our multi-stage reporting is designed to align with your design stages and offer surity that the clients budget requirements are satisfied
At every stage our documentation will ratify the costs and provide commercial certainty to your clients project.

This value added proposition can be extended. We can also help with:


  1. Early Contractor Engagements that may be required to expedite a faster design and build time.
  2. First Stage pricing for site considerations.
  3. Project Management Formatting.
  4. Project Management Assistance.
  5. Claims Management.
  6. Variations Management.
  7. Back-costing.
  8. Dispute Resolution

Architects - please ask us to send you hard copies of our special publication that will help your clients to engage with you in this way




If you are a Developer we can offer you and your architect the support that ensures your concepts and plans are created more efficiently. By utilising our services we can help with budget guidance from an early stage. The risk of rework of the architectural design and specifications to meet your budget can be greatly reduced and many of the more complex build considerations can be anticipated ahead of time.

This can also be dovetailed with Early Contractor Involvements (Engagements) so that other key contractors can produce a much faster construction outcome.

Developers - please ask us to send you hard copies of our special publication that will help understand how to save money on any project