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Have you been offered a cash pay-out instead of a repair for your Christchurch home or commercial property? You may be wondering..
Is what I am being offered enough?

  • Should I be wary of the wording 'full and final'?
  • Whats information should I expect to get to base my decisions on?

Whats the best options and what should you settle for?

Free e-book special report to secure your deserved pay-out

This report ensures:

  1. You understand how to get everything you are entitled to &
  2. How to ensure that the cash amount you are offered will meet your need to repair or rebuild

If you want to settle with your Insurer we can Help!
Avoid any further delays. Let us guide you through this difficult process and uncover what you are entitled to

For Home Owners, builders, architects and engineers, the Christchurch centred earthquakes have demanded the development of new, higher-level skills to deal with the conditions that exist across Canterbury and that are now being identified to varying degrees throughout New Zealand. 

Read the report today

We can help you to assess your position and then if necessary push for the cash pay-out  that you deserve. Simply select the link below to read the full report and contact ASQS Professional Quantity Surveyors to understand the next steps you need to take: