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Minimum and Maximum Price vs. Fixed Pricing!

Welcome to the Third part of this very important topic. In the previous articles we discussed what Contingency Sums are and the various options for arriving at a contingency sum, we also mentioned that pricing a job and winning a job are two different objectives.

What makes up the contingency sum for a particular job?

In the last Tip we discussed that Contingency Sums are “just in-case figures” forming the information as to what makes up the Contingency Sums for a particular job needs careful consideration.

Or a nightmare waiting to happen!

Many Builders are considering doing their first spec house (spec house = they build it and hope to sell it during or after construction).

When Pricing a Job How Much Should You Allow For Contingency Sums!

Contingency Sums – a sum of money set aside for a future event or circumstance which cannot be predicted, usually seen as “Just in-case figures.” 

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