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How often Does This Happen? A lot more of this type of behavior is appearing lately.

Yet again I have come across a builder who was asked to Tender a Job at very short notice. He was given plans and Scope notes (over 300 pages) for 6 classroom blocks to be Tendered for within 5 days. Yet the consented plans were many months old. And the main contractor had been on the job for months. So why only within 5 Days?

Does this behaviour make you suspicious?

What are the possible reasons?

  1. Another contractor pulled out at the last minute (so why not show this builder the last offer?)
  2. Poor project management by the Main Contractor. In this case that would have to rank as the least likely as they have had months to work this one out
  3. They have already exceeded budget and are looking for someone else to take a fall (the most likely cause)

The reason I say that cause three is the most likely is because some main contractors have a history of deliberately under bidding to win work for themselves. And then covering their own behaviour up under the bodies of other contractors. 

So What Should You Do?

It would be unfair to taint all Main Contractors as villains, but if you are presented a last minute Tender be very afraid. Bring the job to us to review the condition of Tender and guide you through it wisely. It could make or break you and your business.

How can ASQS help?

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