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Non-invasive scoping bites back

How many of you saw the article about frustrated residents wanting to get back in their homes and various contractors including Falcon struggling to meet their expectations?

Non-invasive Scoping Techniques ?

Of particular interest to me was a builders comments blaming “non-invasive” scoping, where removing items and destructive testing are not used when assessing required repairs.

So what happens when thorough Scoping techniques are not used?

  1. A skinny scope is done that just guesses at the amounts and times
  2. An unreliable price that no-one has faith in is provided
  3. Delays occur – as work is undertaken and new things are now discovered (things that could have been identified if time and budget allowed)
  4. Further delays – the discoveries have to be become variations, prices offered, reviewed and accepted
  5. Extra further delays – the insurance company, the project manager and the builders often argue about the extra costs
  6. Lost profit – because the builder cannot get fully reimbursed and make adequate profit from the so called discoveries. And his staff are held up on sites with no potential billing
  7. Lost Money – as home owners exhaust their accommodation allowance beyond their given indicated deadline often resulting in rental payments on top of their mortgage payments. And those short term rental payments are usually a lot higher than long term ones.

So Who Wins?

No one. It’s hard to see anyone winning in this scenario. Everyone loses money. Everyone loses reputation. Everyone loses patience.

How often does this happen?

If you look at the amount of commenting on that article in Stuff you will see it happens over and over and over.


Let’s do correct, one off, detailed scoping. At Asset Sure Quantity Surveyors we never do a skinny scope. Too much is at stake. Our ethos is that a builder should be able to take the information derived and conduct a full repair with minimal need to review the contract conditions on the way through with no delays. It costs a bit more at the beginning but saves an awful lot on the way through.

How can ASQS help?

Contact me today to ensure a proper scope is done for you by emailing me or calling me on:

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We will assist in anyway we can!